The vision with this expremental project is to visualize ahead what a future car for apple could be. So many time "multiple discovery" seems to be more of a rule than an exception! Are we all just thinking the same or are we getting the ideas from the same source... this project will try a new conceptual design process that tries to control the discovery and be first. By logical conclusions technical feature analysis and gut feeling a vehicle will be created that shows before apple car is released what it will look like.

Apple car is for sure an interessting future product to apply this design process to, peoples expectations and imaginations of what a trendsetting company might do to be uniqe within a new field could fuel the discovery process.

And if like the rumors suggest apple will come out with a car in the future this results will be interessting to compare and draw analysis from....

-Tommy Forsgren Jun 2016

SPECIFICATION IDEAS . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
2 Models  iCar & icarPlus+ 1st model a compact 2 seater compact (named iCar)   2nd model 4+ seater (named iCarPlus)
high seating position superior view and easy access to vehicle  
central entry Access the vehicle from the center of vehicle, inbetween front and rear seat  
social layout rotational seats social layout as default  
large thin wheels efficient slim wheels partly covered  
autonomous 1st level fulla autonome 2nd level partly autonome 3rd enhanced autonome 4th in case of accident autonome  
evolutionary programming drive better and better / personalized programming imitates drivingstyle of owner
all wheel drive    
all wheel stear    
power unite alt 1  a zero emission new type of power unite is used  
  alt 2 a powerunite will be used that can be combination of many technologies in the future the user will not car what fuel or technology used to propell the vehicle just that it has a XX stron powerunite  
solar panel in roof or expandable  
glas bubble appearance    
lightweight structure aluminium milled frame / monocoque carbon fibre / light weight structure  
neutral a netral color and material will be applied and later the illuminated silhouette will give color to the car  
silhouette band a led band enhance the silhuette of the car and gives animated posibilities for appearance  
Initial idea    
100% recyclable 0% emission 0% accidents this idea of 100 0 0  was how 3 numbers could be used for Apple to promote the new car (first 2seater vision created after this idea)