MAJA II CUBOSA - Fin Driven Underwater Craft FLOW - Drop Head Sports Coupe SPLIT VISION - Innovative Ski Goggle
HONDA HERMES - Intuitive Driving Machine LEXUS USA - Sport Coupe NIKON D0x - Revolutionary SLR Camera
MAJA - Fin Driven Underwater Craft PORSCHE 918BREED - Sport Car Apple iFOLD - Foldable iPad to iPhone
ELECTRON - Jet Driven Lean Machine JON - Renn Auto TORSO - Polygone Art Sculpture
REEF - 26Foot Riva Style Cruiser CITY KEIL - carBONE Exterior Structure RIVER BRANCH VILLA - Self Sufficient House
BULLET - Muscular MC LAMBORGHINI - Compact Sports Car SOFA - Elefant Scull Sofa
FLOW Epiprocta - Vortex Coil Powered Helicopter DROP HEAD - Form Exploration GOOGLE EARTH - Hardware Concept
FESTO - Pneumatic Transporter PORSCHE 911 - Evolve Exploration OSCILATOR - Medical Invention
CB Yacht - 40m AUDI TT - Formlanguage Strategy iFOLD
THE NEW J CLASS - 150 Feet STRATOS WOOD - Redifine A Style Icon THE SOFA - Contemporary Concreate Sofa
HYPERSONIC - Jet SPORTS POLY - Form Exploration XBOW - Compound Bow
SBSPV - Self Balancing Solar Powered Vehicle STREAMLINER - Auto Union Style Form Exploration SPLIT VISION - V2
LAMBORGHINI JEEP - New Segment Exploration KANOE - Formexploration
SKI TEAM CAR - Full Traction Vehicle iSEAT - Foldable Child Seat
AUDI QUATTROMARAN - Dropped Shaped Buildup SAW - Self Cooling Sawing Blade
CITY BUBBLE - Light Weight Vehicle THE EYE - Deep Sea Camera
EPIPROCTA - Vortex Coil Engine
BULL - Polygone Art Sculpture