flow™ toyfon BRAND / BOOK


First draft, TOC (Table of contents):

The aim is to create a new germanic brand "flow" that mixes the best from german automotive styling &
innovative engineering with a touch of future alternative energy technologies.

Brand identity  flow

What will make this brand stand out / Logo / Formanguage / Brand / vision / mission etc

E(electro family)

Visionary transportation vehicles to represent air/land/sea all powered by future alternative power-sources

E1-Helicopter / Epiprocta / electrical Vortex Coil Engine Powered

E2-City vehicle 300kg / Coleoptera / Solar Energy Powered

E3-(maya v2) findriven inderwater craft / Cubozoa / Water Engine Powered

A(automotive family)

Formlanguage exploration on a fixed package in search for A germanic DNA for the flow brand.

A1-Architect / car design focus on geometric formlanguage

A2-Freeform / car design focus on Organic formlanguage

A3-Sculpture / car design focus on dynamic formlanguage

A0-Sectio Aurea / A123 blend into the new "flow" brand taking the best off germanic DNA

A10-Posterua Postremo / "flow" showcar with advanced technologies; carbon spaceframe, polygone stereolythographie shapes, layer themes, material exploration.

Tutorial part

In debt explanation selected parts in the design-process. Personal insider tips and tricks to 15 years daily use of alias/ photoshop/ render-software. Exampe span from ideation doodle sketches, 3D sketch-modeling, a-class modeling, visualization techniques, digital coloring as well as mental and intellectual approach to stay in the flow.