No Light Theory
Conceptual Natural Science Theory -    June 2014
And God Said, “Let there be light …
But what if there is no light,
What if light is a construct by us. An entity made up to grasp our surrounding.
The “No Light Theory” is challenging current mindset in regards to Light, Color and Energy. It’s a unique idea that inverts the way we look at Natural Science today and might be helpful in future endeavors and practical innovations if proven right.
The principle idea behind NLT is that matter is effecting other surrounding matter to behave in similar fashion as itself in regards to energy and color. There is no Light nor Color that travels through space. Nothing is being emitted, nothing is moving from A to B. Instead material can morph into new material at different energy levels like when an object is heated up and then will change color and physical properties. As Example a Green apple exposed to the yellow sun will turn yellow itself, no color is traveling through space to reflect or coat onto of the apple with yellow color, it’s the green color itself in the apple that changes/morphs into yellow as its energy level is changing because influence of the other “source” object.
-“The No Light Theory eliminates light and color as entities and instead says that matter itself affects other matter in its surrounding and that the look and behavior of the matter itself changes with different energy levels.”
Any comments or theories about disproving the NLT is very much appreciated.
Best regards
Tommy Forsgren , Germany 2014