A foundation for a classification system over man made forms.  The goal is to have a theoretical system that can explain a form/design by breaking it up and naming each building part. New form and trends can be added to the system as they are invented
2015 Inspired by the Swedish pioneer Carl von Linné.
Revolutionary Patent System
Patent system should support good ideas through granting patents with longer time span and broader coverage in regards to how smart and unique the idea is and how much effort, time & money has been invested to come to the result. A patent should not be able to be bought
2010 Patents should not be able to be bought
Feel Time
A wristwatch creating 2 indications for hour and minutes traveling around the wrist creating a sense of subconsciously feeling what time it is.
2005 Just as the first watches in the world was based on smell could this be a revolutionary direction of knowing time
No Light Theory
Conceptual Natural Science Theory
2014  -“The No Light Theory eliminates light and color as entities  NLT
Movie Scanned Faces
As people are entering the cinema their faces are scanned and digitally applied to characters in the movie
2009 Enhanced cinema experience
Could be that the only way to create Artificial Intelligence is to eliminate the middle man (programming language) totally and make example English the language of the computer only if that is made possible can something like AI start to work.
2012 AI thinking need a new fundament to evolve
Light as Heater
Radiators that cast light for ambient atmosphere
2010 As almost all energy used to run a light sources is transformed into heat this inverted idea came up to.
Alternative Google Earth Interface.
Other areas to apply a Google Earth interface principle

2009 This could include many areas of extensive information source, human family tree data. human body, medicin and historical timeline
Google Earth History option on Mapsource
Scroll back through history
2005 Now implemented in Google Earth

Google Earth "EARTH" hardware
Digital sphere, highend interactive hardware for Museum entry halls

2004 EARTH here
Public TV
Each citizen gets assigned one hour of prime time TV when born. Its then up to each one to plan what they will broadcast under this hour.

 One hour per day with fascinating and unpredictable media content for the people

Objective Personal Feedback
business idea

  People are being observed and confronted with an option to buy an objective overview on what type of character they are due to the behaviour and looks
Reach out app
An application that scans a persons close sourrounding for similar TAGS and indicates when a match is closed by
2005 An app to bring people together
Holographic 3D Modeling
dark room with 3D Splines as virtual 3D tapes
2000 Obvious way to go but a decade later still no holographic modeling tool
Electrical car charged while driving
Secure lane that charge the car while driving
Similar ideas are now starting to pop up

Formula 1, switch to Electric propulsion
To once again bring in innovative and unpredictable look of the cars and a natural evolution of the sport.


The glory days of innovation and unique creations would ones again flourish and raise intresst for the sport

The Eye - Camera      No Settings
One lens cropped to various Lens formats. Imitates what you see in a spherical format with all information saved for later editing focus point, dof, shutterspeed
2011 Human Eye is working together with brain, Camera should in similar fashion work together with software. Raw info & software also seperated in hardware
Camera Predict Shots
Camera is always recording and when a photo is taken it includes information also before the trigger is pushed.
2014 No more missed moments
Judgning Skills
A scale 1 to 10 where 1 is average and 10 legend
2010 Would you rather be a billionaire or one in a billion. 1to10 scale to be used to evaluate various skillsets here.
Open Statistics
Unfiltered easy to search statistics.
2007 OpenStatistics Sample here.
One A4 txt on each Subject
There should be a standard format were writers could define thoughts about a subject on a A4 templet. This could then be updated over the years but never extend the amount of words in a strive for condenced knowledge
2006 Condenced Knowledge would make writers forced to filter out the essence and could be used for simple comparison of topics in interest for human kind
Fair Store Concept
Fairlike store that showcase all existing products within a field. By skipping the middle hand, stock storage and offer unprecedented bandwidth of products the FSC would strongly compete with traditional store concepts.


Next level of online & traditional shopping

Autonom Driving Override Joystick
Each passanger in the car should have access to a Override Joystick that can with a flick influence and overide the autonom route. Children could be allowed access as well.
2016 Let your inpulses drive you...